Hiring staff with intellectual disabilities is good for business

Running an inclusive company pays off in ways you might not expect
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One chance is all it takes 
Better mental health, increased confidence, better communication and the openness that comes with constantly interacting with the public—these are all benefits Jon Gauthier saw his employees reap, as the co-founder and original courier at Good Foot Delivery, a Toronto-based courier service exclusively employing people with intellectual disabilities.And it’s not just staff who have profited from this business: The social enterprise has grown from five couriers and 45 clients in 2010 to almost 40 couriers and over 2,000 clients in 2018, with revenues in excess of $300,000.

Now after leaving Good Foot Delivery.

It’s the kind of success Gauthier hopes to replicate with his new content marketing service, Good Content Media, which employs content marketers with intellectual disabilities.  Gauthier understands firsthand the opportunities presented by companies like his own. And he has advice for any employer looking to add neurodiversity to their team: “I say take the risk because once you qualify this person to do the job, they may very likely surpass your expectations.”Read the Full Article on Local Love.Ca    Thank you BY AARON BROVERMAN for the contacting me for the story.

Hiring staff with intellectual disabilities is good for business

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