Our Mission / Objective

Lets Capture your Unique moment in time today

when you take a picture you freeze the moment in time! – party event anything

We are a team of passionate visual storytellers who is inspired by the world around me. I see things differently and I would love to share my perspective with you.

We would like to be your content creation and social provider for your campaigns you create we bring value through my ability to create and capture moments that are authentic to brands’ DNA that continue to inspire their communities and build brand awareness.

Our primary focus is content creation for brands and agencies including behind the scenes imagery of events and content planning for social media outlets such as Instagram and Instagram Stories. I’m so intrigued by the social landscape and continuously stay up to date on the ever-changing features and functions of each platform.

We pride ourself on our relationship building skills and how were truly able to capture a brand’s essence through our work.

I’d love to meet with you to learn more about the type of content you’re currently creating for your clients and how I can best support the goals for growth!


Jon Gauthier


Good Content Media